2013 Farm Strategy Meeting - Notes

Attendees: Baffled Farmer, Weird Horse, Appalling Worm, Unusual Cow, Peculiar Pig & Idiot Chicken


It was agreed that there was far too much death on Weird Farm. Peripheral wildlife such a worms, wasps and moths are shying away from the farm because of its increasing notoriety.
It was agreed that Weird Horse was responsible for much of this and he will therefore continue his counselling sessions whilst making every effort to curb his obsession with squashing.


It was suggested that Weird Horse should now have his feeding times at the same time as the other animals. Farm members are growing disillusioned with the favourable treatment shown by Baffled Farmer to Weird Horse and this has led to conflict and more worryingly, the departure of two fairly high-profile goats in 2012.

Social Media

It was suggested that Unusual Cow and Idiot Chicken set up Twitter accounts to trial the performance with a view to launching an online presence for Peculiar Pig and Appalling worm in the coming months. It was agreed that Weird Horse's success was based on the farm itself and not linked specifically to Weird Horse's writing ability.


It was agreed that Baffled Farmer spent far too much of 2012 either naked or over-exposed. The attendees were all unanimous in their decision to suggest medical advice for Baffled Farmer in an attempt to re-kindle his acceptance of clothing.
It was suggested that Baffled Farmer starts by tying a cloth around his waist to mask the genitalia and add one item of clothing a month until he is fully clothed.
It was agreed that Baffled Farmer should be fully clothed by 25th October 2013.


It was agreed that there are far too many moths at Weird Farm.
It was agreed that there is nothing the attendees can do to combat this and as a result it was suggested that Weird Horse was given the freedom to cull any moths he felt were 'excess'*

*Baffled Farmer is to constantly monitor Weird Horse's activity in an attempt to understand what he believes to be 'excess' moths.